Should Sports Include Hunting?

He shoots, and he scores! He has won the game! It wouldn’t be uncommon to hear those words broadcasted during the final seconds of a basketball, soccer or hockey game. These sports are all popular but couldn’t the same words be said about the sport of hunting?

Ever since man has been on this Earth, hunting has existed. Even today people all over the world go hunting daily as they search for wild game. In America hunting is usually thought of as a recreational activity. But to become a hunter, a lot of practice and experience as well as time must be put in to become a good hunter.  

Some people may not be willing to call hunting a sport because of the lack of physical exertion used to hunt. However hunting requires an incredible amount of mental toughness. Through bad weather and other adverse conditions a hunter must be ready for the game to come by.

When a hunter goes out to hunt they have to carry their gun, or bow depending of the season, and any other equipment they might need. This task can be more challenging than it seems because hunters may have to endure rain, snow and high winds. There is more physical effort that goes into a hunt than many people think.

If a person is serious about becoming a hunter and if they want to hunt the right way, there are skills and talents they should have. Hunting is like any other sport, to be successful the hunter must take time to prepare beforehand. The hunter must also have the right equipment for the particular season and know how to use it so that game has a fair chance.  

Hunting requires control over body and mind, as many hunts last several hours. During this time the hunter may have to move around without spooking any potential prey. It takes time and effort to move around without the prey knowing. It also requires the hunter to have a permit and know the certain species of animals and when it is legal to harvest these animals.

Finally, just like any other sport to be successful the hunter must do work in the offseason. Even though it is not necessary, it can greatly help hunters if they use trail cameras and other tools to find where the wild game lives. All of this work in the offseason is another way that hunting is similar to other sports like football or basketball.

Overall, hunting requires just as much time and effort as other sports do. To be successful a lot of preparation must be taken before hunting season begins. Hunters have to prepare and make sure that everything is in working order by the time hunting season rolls around. People that claim that hunting is not a sport state this because they don’t see the work that goes into the season. There is a lot of work that goes into the season to make it go off with a bang!