Meaning of Thanksgiving changes over time

Thanksgiving is coming up, students are getting ready for thanksgiving break and to celebrate with families. When the students come home they tell what they learned, but different grades learn different things. In elementary school most students learn how Thanksgiving started and do projects, but in high school students learn in depth how Thanksgiving works.

“We learned a lot more in elementary but less in high school,” said Raelyn Morava ‘18

In school elementary students learn different things from high school. Just by doing projects and things that go along with Thanksgiving.

Elementary school, a place where student start their life in school. Students in learn about Thanksgiving and do projects to celebrate it. Students learn Thanksgiving a way different way than high schoolers learn how thanksgiving is. Elementary students learn how the pilgrims came to America and what they did. They also do projects and have fun.

“We learned about the good things in elementary and more of the bad things in high school,”  Dakota Gladson ‘19 said.

In high school students learn how to shop for black Friday, and learn more in depth on what happened when the pilgrims came and their interactions with the Native Americans.

High school is the last stretch of school. Students in high school learn how Thanksgiving actually started. They also learn how to use money wisely on black Friday. Students learn more about Thanksgiving and the native americans, and learn about corn and to plant it. They also learn how to cook if students are in a culinary class.

“We didn’t even talk about Thanksgiving when I was in high school,” said geography teacher Aaron Leibel.

Students learn about Thanksgiving, but some also don’t learn about it in high school. Even if they still celebrate it, it’s not prominent in some schools’ classes.

Some schools don’t teach Thanksgiving because teachers don’t see the point in learning it after elementary school. They think the students learned enough during elementary school.