Student Section Changes For Better

From cheering, to yelling, and even an occasional fist fight, the student section has changed. The student section recently has had higher attendance and rowdier crowds. Louder crowds help some athletes get pumped up and play to their fullest potential.

“Louder crowds make me play better because I get pumped up.” Brent Hirsch ‘17 said.

Some athletes do not think the student section matters but others need it to play better or get pumped up. The louder and rowdier the student section is the more pumped up athletes get.

“It is nice to see your friends come and support you.” Cayman DeBoer ‘18 said.

It is good for cheerleaders to have bigger and louder crowds because the cheers work better. In turn, the louder crowds will get the rest of the fans and the players more pumped up during the game.

“Bigger and rowdier crowds make cheers more interesting especially if they are involved and not on their phones.” Rielee Achtemeier ‘19 said.

Some students may not want to go to a game if the team is doing poorly that season, but students may want to come if the team is doing well or even undefeated. If students have a lot of school pride, then they will show up if the team is doing well or doing very bad.

“The student section wants to see a team win because it is more exciting.” DeBoer  ‘18 said.

The student section has had a change in attendance from last year. The fact that the Fairbury Jeffs football team has had success at home may influence the change in one way or the other.

“The student section has become a lot bigger from last year because we are winning games at home.” Hirsch ’17 said.

As the football stands close for the winter, the gymnasium bleachers open up for the student section. The winter athletes hope that the student section will be as loud and rowdy as it was in the fall.