‘If you couldn’t stand livin’ here why’d you take it?’

“I hate Fairbury.” This a phrase that I hear used in FHS too often. It is my firm belief that no one should hate where they are currently living.

Fairbury is a small community compared to Beatrice, Lincoln, or Grand Island and the same goes for the schools. Here at FHS everyone knows everyone, so there does not go a day where we do not see one another. I do understand as a high school senior that people can get on each others nerves and that sometimes we just do not want to put up with all of the people we see as clowns or annoyances, but that is no reason to say “I hate Fairbury”.

Since I have roots that lead back to this town’s early years I have nothing but pride for this small, southeastern town.

I am saddened whenever I hear that someone does not like the town, though I do understand that life here can be dull at times with no movie theater, and a bowling alley that is just starting off its life, but that is no reason to hate this town. Yes, compared to towns like Lincoln we are no better than David and Goliath. Yes, we are not a thriving community like most are, but we make improvements gradually to make this town the better.

Once I hear that phrase I honestly get very annoyed with the reasoning behind it. Most of the time it is a situation such as friends doing something other friends do not approve of. After that is stated, the accused instantly uses the “He who shall not be named” phrase implying that every single person in Fairbury treats their friends like awful people.

What this comes down to is the attitude of people in this town. In my opinion, if someone had a bone to pick with me it would not me my problem to deal with, it is their problem. This also goes for the town and the people that have a bad view of it. It is their choice of whether to fix it or not. I hope that all young people in Fairbury take time to think about what they hate and what they do not hate because it is likely, in my opinion, that they do not hate this town. Just some of the people in it.

This a problem easily resolved even though I do not know all of the drama bombs that go off in the town. It is up to the people that have problems with others or the town to fix them in such a way that they can be happy with the place they call home.

I know that as a high school senior I will not be living in Fairbury much longer, but that does not mean I cannot hope for the betterment of this town. After all, there are many more generations of kids that will be attending school and living here.

I have recently thought over all that this town has given me now that I am preparing to move to Kearney for college. This town has given my family support when we needed it most and my dearest friends grew up in this town along side me. No matter where my future takes me I will always remember Fairbury, Nebraska as my home.