College classes give benefits to students

Blood, sweat, other bodily fluids and a lot of tears are a few side effects that come along with having a college class in high school life. Fairbury High School offers a plethora of college classes once a student hits their sophomore year thanks to the Career Academy Course ran by Southeast Community College.

During my personal time as a high school student I have heard many parents, teachers and former students say that high school is the easiest time of our lives. Yes, it is less difficult when compared to college or adulthood, but in no way is it easy. Homework projects and tests can drive a teen to the brink of a psychotic breakdown leading them to solitary confinement in the nearest asylum. On top of all that some students choose to take college level classes in order to get ahead start on their life after high school.

Many different kinds of college credit classes can be taken at FHS. Classes like Honors English 1 and 2, psychology, sociology, and numerous others have been offered for years and years unlike the newly introduced Career academy courses. Much like the Student to Career class students are required to take Junior Year, the Career Academy allows you to explore a career of your choice. Job Shadows, exploration assignments and field trips are small things included on this jumpstart to success. Another portion of the Career Academy includes yet more college credit options.

Education, Mechanics, Sciences, Computers, and Construction are all a few of the professional courses given out by SCC. These classes dive deeper into your chosen career and will help you decide on what you really want to do in your busy adult life and give you, yet again, another head start in college.

College classes are revered as a monstrous task that only those of elite studying capabilities can complete. This is wrong. Sure you’ll have to put in extra work on order to be successful, but it does not mean you have to flip tables and throw chairs just because you can’t find the answer to the meaning of life. Just as in high school, your teachers are there to assist you anyway they can so take time to talk to them to figure out what you can do to be successful in your life as a student, even if there is a cost.

My biggest worry for college and the classes themselves is the huge amount of money that is required to attend them. In high school, college classes are offered at a much lower price when compared to taking them while in college. Think of it has getting a bundle deal while shopping. You get the head start on your classes and you get a discounted price for taking that start. So to the students that are thinking of college, find your dream career, take classes any opportunity you can and don’t sweat the stress. Just think about it.