Students miss out on field trip experiences

Field trips, they are not as common as they were when our parents were in school. Field trips seem less important now with the expenses that come from it and the planning time involved.

“Field trips affect learning for the better. It teaches them more about things in depth,” Dylan Au ‘16 said.

Field trips may take a lot of time and effort to plan, but there are many advantages to taking students on field trips. According to, field trips allow the students to have real world experiences; they bring students closer together; students can spot possible career options; and they let students learn outside of the classroom.

“I think that field trips are important. Any time you can actually show students what you’re teaching them about is a good experience for them,” history teacher Mick Suey, said.

Field trips are an important part of the school year. Students get the chance to experience what they are studying. Sitting in class everyday listening to the teacher makes the students less interested. Field trips can possibly help the students get better grades because if they were to actually see it first hand, it may give them a better understanding of what they are learning. It can get students more interested in their class, and they could learn about career opportunities that they never thought they would be interested in.

“I think the biology field trip affects the students learning. Students get hands-on learning experience as opposed to reading about it in a book or online,” science teacher Kari Fisher, said.

It gives the students a break from their regular routine. There are many advantages to going on field trips, the hands-on learning, and they help teach the students about difficult subjects that are hard to teach in class.

“When I go on field trips, I have to request a bus, request a sub, make pink slips, email teachers who will be gone, check grades and I have to make sub plans. When I take show choir, we have to have a bus and a van for instruments, make sure all the students are there, and if we go to competition then I have to make sure everyone has a wardrobe” English teacher Ms. Davidson, said.

Even with the advantages teachers also have to look at the disadvantages. Field trips can take up a lot of their time that they can’t spare. They can also bring up legal issues. If a student were to get hurt on the trip, would the school be responsible? The students’ behavior could also affect whether or not a teacher would be willing to take the class on a field trip. There is a lot of stuff to do in order for teachers to be able to take their students anywhere and a lot of teachers don’t have that kind of time.

“Our field trips tend to be more focused on achieving a specific academic goal while the middle school’s field trips seem to be more of a fun activity,” Principal Mr. Vetter, said.