Something clever- Facebook Facelifts

Everyone has taken a ‘selfie’ at least once in their lifetime, whether they posted it or not. The only thing is, girls seem to over-edit their pictures. I mean, sure, adding a filter to highlight your face or make your eyes pop is completely fine. Which I admit, there are times that I over edit pictures myself.

Spending hours airbrushing and adding twenty filters does not make the picture better than how it started. No one wants to see an image that is portrayed as someone other than the person that is actually in the picture.

Sure, everyone likes getting multiple likes and comments on their pictures, but why waste time on editing pictures to make you look more attractive, that in the end just makes you look fake and come off as seeking attention.

When is taking editing too far? When it takes more than five minutes to post a selfie due to evening out and softening skin tones, whitening teeth, erasing blemishes and brightening eyes, topped off with a filter or two. It is a confidence builder to look “flawless” but what about the ninety-nine percent of the time you do not look like that?

In today’s society, girls especially are pointed out for their flaws, but in my opinion, a girl that is 5’11 and weighs one hundred and fifteen pounds with a thigh gap, and eyebrows that are on fleek, is not so attractive. What happened to “thick is beautiful?”

Boys, as well as girls are ridiculed for what they wear, how they style their hair, and their facial appearance. Social Media is a great way to update friends and family with events going on in your life when they don’t live close to you, but there are so many people that use social media to post pictures that are over edited, and come off as provocative.

The content of pictures anymore is borderline inappropriate. If you feel the need to wear tight clothes and show off skin and cleavage, I guarantee very few actually find that attractive. Girls tend to post pictures like that, and then wonder why they are getting so much negative attention. Remember, there is nothing wrong with being modest.