Scheduling Creates Changes

The 2013-2014 school year brought a change in the scheduling for Junior High Students. The student’s reactions to the change varied from person to person.

The amount of homework that comes with period scheduling drives many people away from it. Some people are very busy out of school and would not like to have very much homework to do after practices or games.

“I would not like to switch to period scheduling because we are so busy out of school and eight period scheduling would have a lot of homework.” Bethany Klaumann’17 said.

The amount of free time that a student has after school depends on what sports or groups they are out for. Some students have hobbies that they do in their free time.

” I only have a few hours a night for free time.” Nick Christiansen ’16 said.

With the current block scheduling students get bored with the material that is being taught. Some students just lose focus with the general subject.

“ I only get bored in study hall because we just sit there and do nothing for 45 minutes.” Jeremiah Gray ’19 said.

Most students in the High school would rather have block scheduling because there are less classes a day and less homework a day also.

“ I would prefer block scheduling because 8 classes a day would be way too much homework.” Klaumann ’17 said.

Learning habits also occur in the two different scheduling options. Some students may do better with short classes because they cannot focus on one subject for a long period of time like block scheduling. Yet some students need more time to learn the subject like in block scheduling.

“Block scheduling helps you because you have more time to focus on that subject.” Christiansen ’16 said.

If the high school changes the scheduling students will have a lot of mixed emotions.