Grading System Influences Students

Classes, homework, and grades, something we think about when we first come to school. Classes and homework helping us learn, and grades showing us how we do. Well now there’s a new grading system in town. It’s a system where the assignments and tests grades are weighted differently.

The new system may change the way students look at classes and how they approach class work.

“I may try harder on tests and things,” Alyssa Kearn ’16 said

According to, there are new categories for the grading too. Summative assessments are the test grades and formative assessments are the daily assignments.

Summative assessments account for 80 percent of the grade in the class while formative assessments account for 20 percent of the grade in the class. The grading system shows if students are actually learning in school and not just looking on the Internet for answers to daily assignments.

The new grading system will affect the grades of students, because you will need to put more effort into tests now.

“I think it’s going to show kids true knowledge potential,” Maureen Beck said

This affects lots of people grades because some people can study but have a hard time remembering things. It should help people though, that are bad at homework assignments.

So if the students study it shouldn’t be a problem in getting good grades. This will help learning skills with most people.

Students will want to study a bit more to try to get better grades in test, quizzes, and projects. Students can also retake tests too. They have to first talk to the teacher on how they will work it out. The student will have to re study and work on material the teacher wants them too. Then they can re take the test for up to a 100% again.

If it affects grades it will affect the way people approach their classes, because they see it as a more difficult class now. Jeff Vetter has decided the motivation for the grading system.

“It is to help emphasize with students learning, even if it’s today or next week,” Jeff Vetter said

The problem with it is that some students might slack on the homework side and still barely pass the test. This will change the approach to classes because people will study differently for some class’s they to go to.

So if it’s easy to pass or to just get through school, it really depends on if the students work hard or not, but the grading system could have an effect.

“Studying and asking more questions to pass tests more,” Bridget McCown said

So there’s a new grading system, with summative grades worth 80 percent of the student’s grade for tests and formative worth 20 percent of the grade for assignments. This will affect student’s grades, and also will affect how people work hard or just slack.