Exchange students acclimate to surroundings

Being a new kid at a new school can be scary to think about. What about being a new kid, in a new school, in a new country? In Fairbury we have foreign exchange students come almost every year to attend school here for one school year.

When they come, our school system recognizes them as seniors. Some of them may be done with schooling when they go home, but others may have one year left when they get home. This year we have two foreign exchange students, Ludwig Von Thurn and Chica Miyomoto. Ludwig is from Germany and Chica is from Japan.

In Germany, their regular school day is only four or five hours long. Sports there are not as important in school as they are here to us. They are just pass times. There is not a dress code. They do not do a one to one program, where they would get their own Chromebooks or IPads. Punishment in Germany is very different than it is here.

Chica“I learned a lot of English, and I made some friends over here,” Japanese exchange student,” Chica Miymototo ‘16 said.

If a fight breaks out at school, they do not call the police and let them deal with it.

“You do not get in trouble at the school, or with the school, they just send a letter home to your parents and let them deal with it. I came here because I wanted to experience something new, I like it here so far,” Von Thurn ‘16 said.

In Japan, their regular school day is eight hours long. Sports are important to them too. They have a dress code; it is called the Japanese Code Uniform. The shirts from their uniforms resemble a blazer and blouse, and they wear skirts along with that. In Chica’s school, they do a one to one program.

“I learned a lot of English, and I made some friends over here,” Miyomoto ‘16 said.

Schools all around the world are similar and different in their own ways. It may be hard to imagine leaving family and friends for nine months, but a few brave souls manage to every year.