Pool Parties End For the Summer

School is back into the lives of students as summer came to an end on the 12 of August. With classes and sports starting, so are organizations. They can’t start without a last pool party for the new recruitments.

“The recruitment party was to let them know what it was about and to meet the leaders,” said Mrs. Dux, leader of FBLA.

You can still join even if you didn’t go to the party. It is always good to have numbers for these organizations. And students willing to do their best within the group.

“It is essential to have good students in your organization to make it successful,” said Mrs. Dux, when asked how important it is to have members join.

The year looks like another fun and interesting time, once again. So I encourage everyone to do something while they’re here. You never know what you might find in FBLA, FCCLA, and Skills.