Climbing the ladder, Freshman to Senior year

Seniority, priority, rank, superiority, these are all terms that focus on one person’s standing amongst a group of people. The typical showing of seniority is when choices are being made such as football players choosing equipment first or getting to be first in line for food at a banquet, but this ranking system can also be shown in the classroom setting

“We definitely have more class options than the younger classes. Being seniors we get the icing on the cake when it comes to electives,”. Senior Tyler Heidemann said

Although more class options are available for seniors to choose from it does not mean the level of difficulty declines for those options.

“Classes always get harder as you climb up the high school ladder. Classes like psychology make senior year much more of a challenge,” Senior Cody Huss said.

Students agree that the increase in difficulty is well assured for the traversal from freshman to sophomore year.

“Because you get smarter as you climb through high school there is no doubt that classes should get harder. How else would he get prepared for college?”. Senior Tyler Heidemann said.

College classes are more options added to your choices once you reach junior year. They give you the chance to get a head start on your college career by earning credit earlier.

“FHS has a pretty good array of college classes to take with the help of Southeast Community College’s career academy course, but there is always room for more,”. Senior Cody Huss said.